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Submission Fire
The House of Incendia "surrenderred" to the House of Unda (?).

Chopin Rosenkrantz, the Student Leader of Incendian House, is rumored to arranging an alliance with the Undaean Student Leader Hinamori Mizu. This action is believed to be a counterattack preparation for the Aer-Terra alliance. The british Student Leader was holding a secret talk via the instant messaging network to the House of Unda to offer his house alliance to them.

It is most likely that the margin between Incendian and Undaean is far too great that Incendia cannot cope Undaean numbers for now, unless there will be some changes in the Final Registration period later at 19th December. Incendia will be the house with the least student amongst the four houses (Aether not counted). Prone to Terran attacks which perhaps will happen for the second time when the barriers of four houses removed to obey the Open House event rules, which will be held at long holidays and such.

House of Unda is now holding the 2nd position for the most popular house of Cross Sky Academy, due to some changes of circumstances recently. The fact that it was indeed the House of the current Head Principal, Reinance Arcdementor, might be the most likely reason. Still, the House of Unda pale in comparison of the students of Aerian Tower.

These changes however, failed to make Terran respond and their position remains passive. Chances are the Student Master might intervene were such treason to be shown in the front of her eyes, banning the students from their respective houses and harsh detentions would be the presumably actions. Though some anxiety remained, that the joint forces of Incendia-Unda could be a threat, as they might took over Citadel of Terra for a day, as an act of revenge for what Terrans did two years ago.


Nevertheless, such passiveness became the loss of Terra. The House of Aer has cancelled their alliance petition to Hanamura Sakurai. New plans is now the topic for Aerian dinner at their dining room, as such, Sefaca Azrael could offer the “submission” of Aerian Tower to the Undaean House, although it is said that they will remain “Neutral and Active” prior to the issue.

70% of the poll result refused to ally the Tower of Aer to the Citadel of Terra, while 30% supported the plan (students who didn’t vote discounted). This result sealed the fate of Aer-Terra alliance, which will not happen.

No discussion over this cancellation heard from the lips of Terran students. According to a Terran student, they have nothing to expect from Aer nor Sefaca Azrael, they are now too busy discussing a football tournament which they will be on the event request list later on.


While Terra is taking their time to make some future events based by their piece of mind, the once-unheard House of Unda is planning quite a number of serious plots, affecting the House of Aether to succumb under the Undaean influence by doing something that is now still shrouded in secrecy included.

Plans of Incendian and Aerian “capitulation” to the House of Unda might be the case of such plans to be discussed. Another rumor came when an Undaean student, believed to planning a rebellion plot against the House of Aether and thus disable the Overseers by setting up the four houses against the independent house together.

The Aetherian Chairman was supposed to know about the plot, nonetheless, refused to comment any further about the disrupting plans but stated one sentence that he will keep Aether neutral and thwart any plans which may became a risk to the academy’s stability.
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Submission Fire
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