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 An Unlikely Alliance (?)

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PostSubyek: An Unlikely Alliance (?)   Mon Dec 15, 2008 2:18 pm

An Unlikely Alliance (?)
Sefaca Azrael and Hanamura Sakurai’s Alliance Debated

Even though there is no confirmation from the two Student Leaders. It is most likely that Sefaca Azrael, leader of Aerian House, will offer an alliance to the House of Terra for a term. This alliance will include password sharing of the two respective headquarters between the two houses. However, Hanamura Sakurai has yet confirmed about this co-op, or, referring to the house of Incendia sees it, the “conspiracy”.

Few saw this chance coming, as Terran and Aerian possess opposing traits. It is rumored that this alliance was suggested by some of the former Terran members who later moved to Aer, concerning late issues in the House of Terra. Yet, it is still doubted that the house of air, will betray their natural ally, the house of fire.

“It’s ironic, considering the four names of the house. Fire scorches earth, yes, but fire cannot burn when air is not around. When you see it through the language, air and earth are natural enemies, fire and air are natural allies. But, well, names don’t guarantee, for example, not every restaurant with the name of “Tasty” concerned with how their food tastes.” according to a random Aerian student, this morning.

The Italian leader Azrael, is supposed to meet Sakurai somewhere outside the academy to discuss the alliance. If the word “yes” to be a part of the conversation finale, both Terran and Aerian will have two houses for them to visit, aside of the Aetherian Castle which is open for all houses.

Siege of Incendian Fortress two years ago supposed to strengthen Incendian and Aerian relationship as Tower of Aer accepted Incendian refugees who fled from their fortress after a Terran finished their outrage back at their house. Despite of some problems made by Aerian students who cooked for them as poisoning cases was reported to the board one day after the refugees felt utterly ill

“If this were to continue, there will be a dissolution in this academy.” so said an Undaean student when this issue was brought by the interviewer, “We don’t have any plans to counter such silly actions, even though Terran and Aerian are going into a conspiracy, it has nothing to do with us."


The Aer allying themselves to the Terran was believed of the superiority Terran showed during the Siege of Incendian Fortress. Although Siege of Incendian Fortress itself was known as an irresponsible act, Aer seems wanted to make use of Terran talents of assiduousness. In exchange that they may offer Terran some of their ideas, as Terra from age to age, always known a house without any living ideas.

“It is best for us to ally ourselves to the superior. It is also the best way to maintain the peace within the tower, we can back Terra up, and meanwhile Terra can assure our safety. There is no use for rivalry between us, it’s a win-win solution.” answered a prominent Aerian student when she was asked about this matter.

However, there is a pro-contra itself within the Tower of Aer. This policy might trigger the Incendian to ally themselves to the house of water and the academy will split into two.

“Nonsense, this house is already peaceful enough, we don’t need Terrans to guard it. It could ruin the stability of the academy.” said another Aerian student, contrary of what another Aerian stated. “It is about time the House of Aether to come down and fix this unpleasant gossip.”

Although there is no obvious evidence about this matter, both houses are already preparing the chances of the Aer-Terra alliance.

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An Unlikely Alliance (?)
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