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 Leadership of New Terran Face Disputed

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PostSubyek: Leadership of New Terran Face Disputed   Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:55 am

Leadership of New Terran Face Disputed
Akari Dragonfyeld-Asakura Named “The New Student Master”

After received a recommendation letter from the Aetherian Chairman, the board of Cross Sky Academy has appointed Akari Dragonfyeld-Asakura, a new Terran face who just enrolled in the academy for her first year, as the new Student Master, replacing the former Student Master, Reinance Arcdementor, who took the Head Principal position after it was vacant for these seven years. Few disputes have been spotted within the internals due to this decision.

“Although the Aetherian Chairman was a good Student Leader, he doesn’t have the rights to order the board around, and considering a new girl in the academy suddenly rises to such position, this is absolutely nepotism. Akari Asakura is the Aetherian Chairman’s relative.” according to an internal who refused to mention his name.

Despite that there was no voting history in the academy for major student positions (except for Chopin Rosenkrantz case who replaced Hassen Hikaru, whom was removed from his position after a failure to consolidate the Incendian authority over the enraged Terrans, resulting the siege of Incendian Fortress during the open house period.) , it has been suggested that voting system should be applied within the academy.

“Democracy is needed, these people are students, they are, and they will develop their ideas according to the world they live in. While autocracy is being applied here under this so-called Dragonfyeld family monarchy, the students will know no other ideology but the absolute dominion.” said another internal, commenting about this issue, “This is utterly wrong, if the Aetherian Chairman promised to change this academy, then he should start with this leadership problem.”

In the other hand, no comments from the board concerning to this issue.

“We are very busy handling the new students’ registrations, please spare the trivial questions for later. Rather, if you have any question to ask regarding the Aetherian Chairman, please ask him in person.” answered a board member, while rushing through the corridor then disappeared.

Akari Asakura also refused to make any comment, “I don’t see the reason why I should answer the reasoning of my appointment. People are free to comment about it, I’m here just to do my job, that’s all.” as stated by the South Korean-Japanese youth.


Amongst the new students which were dominated by the Japanese, more variety of nationalities spotted on the registration forms today. Counted by the numbers of the student registered, Japanese came first, British came second, while South Korean (two students only), came third.

The residence of the port have seen Danish, German, French, Swedish, Irish and Australian ship, along with an US Chopper, which docked or landed for a little moment, then left after they sent one or two person off the vessels.

Hinamori Mizu: another Japanese, replaced the British former Undaean Student Leader, Velychia Aphylienct. Japanese are now possess two major positions, both in the Terran and Undaean house, forced the board to forbid a Japanese to become the Aerian Student Leader which was unoccupied, and now held by an Italian by the name of Sefaca Azrael, replaced the former Turkish-with-Japanese-name leader, Minamoto Higashi.

It has been shown that the most popular house is Aer, after the numbers of the Aerian new students outnumbered another house. Terra came second, Incendia came third, while Unda came last.

An interview held with the Aetherian Chairman:

Q: Dobroe utro, Mr. Mist. Kak Pozhivaete?
A: Khorosho, spasibo.

Q: Ne za chto. We have some question we would like to ask,
Is it okay for an interview now?
A: Sure, why not.

Q: Thank you.
It has been reported that Japanese students are dominating in this new term.
Is that true?
A: Yes… as you can see in the archives, it seemed that we have numerous Nihonjin on the way. But
really, it is not an issue in the first place. Japanese dictate the numbers, so be it, it doesn’t, and it
won’t change anything.

Q: Is it true that most of the events this year will be based on Japanese events held at the native country?
A: Students are generally free to organize their own events, all they have to do is to send a letter to ask

for permissions from the board. As a result, few Japanese events will be expected.

Q: Such as?
A: Perhaps Hanami, since they got Sakura here, I suppose it would be a reason for the Japanese majority to held this event. But this is merely just an opinion, like they say, things came unexpected- sometimes.

Q: Actually, what is your expectation in this new term?
A: I…. I expected to see another, one or two, more is okay--- Russian, Back then the only people I can speak Russian to is Scarlevee. She is no longer here now, I haven’t seen any Russian here for awhile, sometimes it made me homesick.

Q: Is there anyone you except to show up?

Relative of yours perhaps?
A: I believe you have seen Hikari, I’m expecting my friend Rasyid to be the
new instructor. But I don’t know if he’ll come soon. Things have been tough in the Middle East lately.

Q: We haven’t seen anyone named Hikari.
A: Ah... of course, her name is Akari, but I tend to call her so.

Q: Is Hikari, the new controversial Student Master, whom Internals have been debated about?
A: I don’t understand why they would make a fuss over such a thing, Reinance was appointed as the Student Master back then when you were in the grade school. She may be green in the Cross usage, but is not in leadership, I believe it.

Q: Finally, any to-do in this new semester?
A: Ah, it’s just too much I can’t state it here. I’m sorry, but I can’t answer that.

Q: It is okay, any other comments to make?
A: I suppose I have commented plenty [laughing], please sip the tea while its still warm.

The Head Principal, Aetherian Chairman, the new Student Master are the new Student Leaders will be expected for a speech at the opening ceremony, later at the 20th December, next week.
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Leadership of New Terran Face Disputed
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