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 Aether Castle Revealed

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PostSubyek: Aether Castle Revealed   Sat Dec 13, 2008 8:05 am

Aether Castle Revealed
Mist Dragonfyeld took Aetherian Chairman Position

After concealed in secrecy for almost 24 years, the Castle of Aether, house of the Overseer, has been announced to CSA common students. The internals of the academy already verified this.

Mist Dragonfyeld, who left the ranks of Terra due to his graduation, took over the chairman position of Aether, and thus made Aether Castle's existence public. "Aether existed to support the other houses. I failed to see why it should be kept in secrecy, this conservative act is ridiculous, and so that's it. Aether Castle welcomes every student for any consultation, I believe the fact that the students know about this castle won't change everything." according to him in an interview, after he was relocated to his new quarter.

House of Overseer, Aether, is a house which only consisting only ten people. Aether members are selected amongst the academy graduates who refused to return to their homes. Aether membership however, can be annulled if the member desires so, therefore, there is no limit of staying in Aether Castle for overseer, unless one decided to quit.

Generally, overseer possesses enchanced Cross, therefore their level cannot increase any further. When asked about Aetherian in competitions, Mist indicated a no, "It would be unfair if we participate in the tournaments. Like it was, the House of Aether will stay out of all competitions. According to our status, we are no longer Cross Sky Academy's student, therefore, we don't have the right to." said him.

Meanwhile, the Citadel of Terra's leadership is now held by a new japanese Terran apparentice, Hanamura Sakurai.


The british known for his cooking skills, Chopin Rosenkrantz, have won the Incendian House leadership for the third time. The Fortress of Incendia welcomed Chopin as its master once again.

Few predicted that Terran and Incendian rivalry will continue even after the former Terran leader has left his ranks. It is a public secret that the Fortress of Incendia was occupied by Terran students for one day after an issue over dead bodies.

New faces will be expected in both houses, which may be cease the uneasy rivalry of the two houses. A joke, believed was originated from the Terran students spread broadly, which is, "I don't see why fire took their time to burn the earth, they should be opposing water by now, those imbeciles."

In the meantime, Undaean and Aerian leadership have not yet decided by the respective houses.

New faces

New faces are now entering the academy to enroll in the new term. It is reported that Japanese are frequently seen, more than any other nationalities. The student internals refused to make a comment about this phenomenon.

Consequently, Japanese festivals might dominate the academy events. Due to the major number of Nihonjin compared to people from any other countries. The Hanabi held two years ago, was an example to this case.

British came second in the numbers of the new students, however the margin between Japanese and them is currently, still too great.
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Aether Castle Revealed
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